Sez the wind. Out of the south south east. Trying to blow some rain up. I’ll take it. It’s hitting about 40 to 45 mph, looks like. Really got to screw your hat down to keep it on.

I fed the cows about a half mile east of the house o the down wind side of a little dam. The team wanted to trot, so I let them. The first bale was ruffed up, so we left about a 1/4 of it at the stacks so , seeing as I needed to give the cattle in the corral some hay, we hauled an extra and brought about a third of it back for the steer and bulls. On the last bale, the team was content to walk for most of the way. Coming back, they trotted, but not real fast. When we got to the gate to stop and shut it, evidently Roz was getting tired because when I said, “Whoa,” she set up and slid to a stop like a calf roping horse! 🙂

I saddled up Mijo to look at cows and get the horses in this morning. He has not mellowed this winter. 🙂 He wanted to hog with me for quite a ways so finally I took a short hold, jerked him around a bit and whacked him with the romal, lightly. He settled down. Dang, you just always got to prove your the top horse, with some of these. 😉

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