Oofda, I sveat!

Got up in the 70’s again today! Wow! Skipped spring and went to summer. 😉

I fed the cows out north two bales and got them to follow me. then hauled the mineral barrels and some more bean out for them. I let the horses go east and the team wanted out with them so I let them Hopefully they will show up for grain tomorrow. If not, I still have Woody handy, I can gather them with him.

Worked a a new breast collar to match the saddle this afternoon until Cindy called then went out and had a good session with Brody. When I got done with him, Cindy was here and brought out Gus and Sam. They had kites, but wonder of wonders not enough wind to fly them! I am not sure what all I did today but I am pooped out! Riding them colts is a lot of work for an old fat man!

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