Happy Birthday Addy Bear

Addy turned 1 year old today. We did not get to go to her house but will in a day or so, hopefully. Cindy and I headed south this morning to meet friends down by Martin, SD. We got to Wall and turned around and came back as the Interstate was a mess and it wasn’t supposed to get much better. we will have catch up with another day.

I somehow pulled some muscles in my neck and back so this afternoon we went up to Dean and Kay’s. Kay and Dean both worked on me and it helped. We looked at some old pictures from this country and had a good visit. When we got home I got in the tub with a steaming hot water and the bubble mat. When got out I felt much better, but now it is back. Cindy gave me a muscle relaxant and said I’d sleep REAL good. We shall see. Didn’t work with the colt today. Hopefully tomorrow. Snow storm coming so we will move the cows from down south home to morrow. Sure got a lot of “free” grazing while it lasted. I will be feeding hay from now on out.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Addy Bear

  1. I highly recommend a TENS unit. You can get decent ones for fifty to seventy bucks on Amazon – get one with two channels and four pads. It’s basically the home version of the muscle stimulators chiropractors use. I got my first one from a chiropractor, in fact. I loaned that puppy out and forgot who I loaned it to, and they “forgot” to return it!

  2. Very late. We had lots of old grass left and it never4 snowed under. Where the cattle are south of the road, there is not a lot of protection and in a bad blizzard they could drift away. They would probably be okay, this doesn’t sound like it will be too bad or last to long, but these spring blizzards can fool you and the weather predictors/ If it doesn’t amount to much, I can always put them back south.

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