The weather, that is. Got just a little bit of rain last night that quickly turned to snow. Not much, but the wind started picking up and it’s supposed to howl pretty good for the next couple days or so.

Fr Tyler came out yesterday afternoon. He had his new rifle and a bow. First he shot the rifle a bit, trying to get the feel of it and then I set out a large bale for him to use as a back drop for his target. He’s pretty good with the bow, but he used to shoot them as a child. It was real nice in the late afternoon, so he had good weather for his target practice. then his mother and he made ravioli from scratch. Or maybe it was itch? They started out with flour and other ingredients and ended up with something really good to eat anyway!

I woke up early and have been setting and waiting for a phone call from Cindy to tell me she had made it in to town alright. She did call and say that the roads didn’t seem too bad, but she drove in a lot slower than normal. She was almost to town and the roads were getting worse for slippery. Which figures, as they have more traffic to mash it down and probably got a bit more rain and snow.

Guess I will do my chores and find things to do in the house today!