Fr Tyler is here and we were out trying to sight in his new rifle, a 30-06. Got it pretty close at 100 yards so he should be good at about 175 sounds to me like.

I went and checked the tank this morning and it was full with about an inch and a half of ice on it. then I ran the horses in from up west, caught up Mijo and Gramma helped me and we sorted off the new cows in better flesh, kicked hem in with our other cows and moved them down south to the full tank, which they went to drinking from. Lots of grass down there and if I have time yest today I will haul some bean down to them. Bart is supposed to be here in a minute or two to butcher a beef we have been fattening on. Still need to get back in the leathershop and finish up the project. We are supposed to go down to Custer on Thursday for Arri Cat’s first birthday. If I have the project done by then I can take it along. We also need wood pellets. I have some hard wood ones, but they screw up my pellet stove. Dammit!

Another beautiful day and awfully nice for this time of year!

One thought on “Busy

  1. We sure are being blessed with nice weather for December.
    I shoot 30-06 too, a Winchester Featherweight that we put a fiberglass stock on, nice and light for me and I can’t bang it up with all my klutziness. Shoots exactly the same every year.

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