I had a tank down south that wouldn’t work. When I messed with it a few days ago I got it to try and put out water, but then it quit. I decided it was the electrical problem at the well. fixed that and it still did work, so Chad, my water and well guy, ran down. He told me that it was all working at the well. Evidently what happened was that after I got it going, the electrical quit and the water did not drain back so it froze up at ground level that night. The next day when I fixed the electrical, it acted like it wasn’t working because there was no draw from the tank. Took Chad to figure it out for me. Maybe I ought to stick to windmills! At least I understand them! He suggested I borrow his steamer, a device that will unthaw frozen pipes and such. Chance had told me about building one so I called him and he explained how to make one. I did and after some modification, wow! Sure seems pretty simple, but steam will really thaw things out.Now if I can just keep it going! I will try and move cows down there tomorrow. Might even get Gramma to help. If so I bet she rides Purple, the wrangle horse, as Mike calls my little purple Suzuki that I use for a 4 wheeler. She has a nasty cold and even stayed home from work on Sunday. It takes a lot to get her to stay home from work, but this one was whipping her. Some of us went up and Christmas caroled at a neighbor last night and Cindy didn’t even go along. I am leaving here after bit to go over to another young neighbor couple and some of us are going to practice playing and singing the music for Mass, Saturday night. Another nice day out there, tho’ only up in the 30’s.

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