We shipped the calves today. Well the bigger share of them anyway. Still a fair amount bawling in the corral across from their mothers. We preg check tomorrow. Market seemed good or really great, considering past year. I ain’t complaining, but when you consider the cost of fuel and equipment, the prices really are not that high, just higher than we have had in the past and the inputs are higher also, so I guess maybe it’s a wash. Anyway, it’s the highest priced calves we’ve ever sold. we’d have liked to see them weigh more, but all the calves are lighter this year and I am just thankful we had good luck and they didn’t all die and we got in on a good market.

5 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. Prices are the highest they’ve ever been here too and I’ve heard weights are down as well. This surprises me as I though we had a pretty good grass year and it cured earlier than usual which (here at least) usually makes for heavier calves. We dollared ours and didn’t weigh them……wish we could have just to know for sure.

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