Got up pretty early before daylihght and loaded two horses and headed over west of Belle to help a guy over there work a few calves and he also tested some cows. Then we drove over east of im a ways and set up portable corrals and gathered a small bunch of Chance’s boss’s cattle and branded the calves and worked them. Big calves. Some sure weighed over 500 pounds. When you dropped a rope on one, you dang sure knew it. Just had a few of us at a time roping them and stretching them out, so it went a little slow, but that was what we were after. There were a bunch of people there from France taking pictures and seems like they sure enjoyed the day.

We got back to the house about 3:30 to eat lunch and then visited a bit. When I headed home, I noticed one trailer tire making some weird dust so pulled in to a tire repair shop in Sturgis and the front trailer tire was shot. Come to find out, the hub won’t turn and it completely wore the tire off flat on the bottom. The shop was kind of closed. The office part was closed tho’ a guy was working in there. He looked at it and advised what I was planning on, which was to run with only one tire on that side of the trailer. Only had two horses so it wasn’t too big of a deal. Made it home fine. Hopefully tomorrow the guys down to CBH can fix it and mount another tire on the rim. I need to help a neighbor ship calves on Tuesday, so will be needing the trailer by then.  It was fun to work with Chance, his boss and a couple other guys. It went well.

Warm today with a nice breeze.

Couldn’t find my camera this evening when I got home so I hope I didn’t lose it. I took a few shots today, but have no idea how they turned out. Hopefully tomorrow in the day light it will show up in the pickup.

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