I picked up my buddy Mike from the airport on Wednesday and we have been gong none stop ever since! We moved some cattle around on Thursday and then Chance and family showed up in the afternoon and an old friend from up around Medora came along, and they helped us on the last little bit of moving the pairs north of the road, in preparation for working them the next day.

Had a great crew on Friday and got the calves all worked and dang, but it went smooth. Thanks guys!

On Saturday we prowled around and doctored on one calf and then Cindy rode in with us to Deadwood to watch the Ranch Rodeo and Tripping. We knew quite a few of the contestants in the rodeo and it was good watching. Went out to supper and came home afterwords, then on Sunday we went to Mass and then stopped back at the house and picked up Mike and headed for Devils Tower. Had a great line up and a great time. Lots of friends there from the Ranch Country board.

When we finally drug ourselves away from all the friends gathered we followed Hope and Chance over to Spearfish and ate at Guadalajara’s and it was great! If you like Mexican food, it’s a must stop.

This morning we are dragging a little. Too much fun jammed into too few days and hours. We plan to go move some cattle and then head over to C & H’s and help them move some cattle. Mike has to fly out on Wednesday and I have to work heifers here on Thursday and plant trees on Friday. Dang, time is roaring by!

7 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. How’s that saying go……..No rest for the wicked? 🙂 Great show at the Devils Tower!! Good meeting up with you and everyone from Ranch Country.

  2. I’d hate to have to pay your gas bill. I figure mine’s enough being forty five miles from work, but that’s nothing compared to the trips you and yours make all the time.

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