as I type. Sure is a wet ol’ country this year.

Me and the grandsons went out this morning and built a removable back end on the little flat bed wagon so we can pitch hay on, but take the back off if we need to haul little square bales.

My yearling heifer guy and his wife came and got their bulls I had pulled out a while back. They got here about 7:30 and didn’t stick around long. They have an irrigated place up near Belle Fourche. They just got done with their first cutting of hay and are starting on their second. So they need to make hay while the sun shines!

The boys and I went out after lunch and naps and pitched on a couple loads onto the wagon and hauled them in. Had a flat on the wagon after the first load so pumped it up and then went after the second. The tire didn’t hold air so we quit. We put the team away and went and looked at the old Samurai Suzuki to see if any tires on it were holding air and they are so we will have to rob one off it, as they fit the wagon. Then we came to the house and made a small step stool so short people can get to the kitchen sink without having to drag a chair over in front of it. It ain’t fancy,  but it works!

Them boys are pretty good at tromping hay down! Wish I had a bigger wagon tho. Pretty fluffy hay. Oh well this little shower will flatten it out and pack it down. Lige was mad at Bob as he would jump up in the wagon and help with the tromping. One of the few things he does pretty good! 😉

Team worked real good. Never got out of a walk. Might be getting broke.

Pretty nice day. Strong wind out of the south and not above 85 or so.