Went out this morning and set three more posts for the corral fence. Then mowed the road ditch that was left to do and then went out this afternoon and dump raked it. I worked on the rake the other day and fixed a flipper on it so that it works like it’s supposed to. Team even walked most the time! 😉

Fr Tyler came out a little before noon to spend the day so this evening when I went to gather the bulls that are leaving in the morning, he and Cindy took Purple and helped me with the job. He’s a pretty good cowboy for a Priest!

We grilled steaks and weenies over the coals this evening. I went to move the grill and didn’t realize it was hot where I touched it, until I touched it. I ran cold water over it and tried a trick I read in an email recently. Cindy took the white out of an egg and after my burn was cooled off, I soaked it in egg white. Seems to have helped. Still a little sore. but not nearly as bad as it was gonna get. they claim the egg white is collagen so it helps to restore the skin in the burn. Cool. Nice to know that not  all the email stuff you get is BS.

Got up to about 85. I have plans of hauling in the bucker piles tomorrow and stacking it next to the feeder at the corral. Can’t possibly be any harder than loading, unloading and stacking little square bales. Heck the boy’s can probably even help!