this morning. Pretty cool. Good sleeping weather, with the windows open. ‘Course a grasshopper might come in and eat everything in the house if you do! 😉

There is a clinic going on up at Brad’s, so me and the boys went up for awhile the other morning. Bridgette came out and rode along for the first day, where they were starting the colts. She enjoyed it and the boys found some other kids to play with.

Then we went to town to get supplies to fix the leaky roof the next day. Also got in a side of latigo as it sounded like several at the clinic needed new ones.

I cut a bunch out and took them up yesterday about noon, and of course only one needed it by that time. 😉 Oh well, someone will want them.

I had Shanna, the neighbors highschool age daughter come and watch them yesterday morning for about an hour while I rode out and doctored on the sore footed cow. The calf seemed to be much better so left him  for now.

We went back up in the afternoon and the boys rode Squirt and Beav around outside and then when they got down, rode around inside the big pen. They had a lot of fun and were getting pretty fearless. I think they are ready to follow me out in the pasture when I need to go ride. We are supposed to go back up this afternoon and rope again. We’ll see. Now, time for church, if they got their breakfast ate, yet!