My sister Brigitte is here from Switzerland, visiting. She has rented a car and drove out yesterday morning. Also, my cousin’s Pat and one of his sister’s Maureen came out. we had a good visit and I had some old pictures and a letter about their father to give them. My Dad was the executor of the Estate when Gramma died and also he is the one who ended up with the family ranch, so there are lots of old things here from both sides of his family and also quite a lot from my mother’s side. When I got into I went to looking for old pictures and found quite a few of cousin’s and their parents that would probably mean more to them than to us. So I am trying to sort them off as I find them and get them to those members of the family who might like to have them.

We all live history, but few of us admit or acknowledge it. Most of us are too humble or afraid of seeming big headed or some similar excuse, and don’t think unless we have medals for heroism, that we have much to offer. Not true. That is one of the reason’s I keep this blog. It is my journal and I hope someday some one, a child, grand child or great grand child will read this and get some amusement or at least some insight into a person’s life who lived at this point in history.

I was witness to the blowing up (really more of a blowing down, as they imploded it) of the second Minuteman Missile site. I didn’t pay it much thought at the time as there were always Missile sites all over this country, all of my life up until they deactivated them. After they were done, a TV camera crew walked over to where I was standing and wanted to interview me. I tried to get them to interview someone else as I had a cold and a scratchy voice. But they wanted me and I have been on TV before and know it doesn’t hurt, so I agreed. After the interview, where they asked some fairly though provoking questions, I asked where the crew was from,meaning which local station, as they talked a but odd. I found out they were from the Netherlands or some such! That was the first inkling I had as to what impact these implosions had in the world. I was watching history and had never given it a thought.

While researching the family tree, I can trace it back to 1500 in England. Do you know how interesting it would be to be able to read their thoughts or about their day to day life and the problems they had and how they dealt with them?

For that matter, the thoughts and words of my grandparents not to mention my great grandparents.

We all think we are sort of small, and I guess in many ways we are, but the words and thoughts of even a small man, such as myself can have importance to someone.

Think about it.

3 thoughts on “Family

  1. You and my boss with – cracks me up! She is hooked too – and tries desperately to get me going. Years ago I started my geneology book with my Grandma – but it was with the big book and typing in all the people. It’s so amazing now with the internet. On the website we can do alot of geneology and my boss has depended alot on the to fill in any blanks…….I agree though the best is the stories told – I LOVE to listen to my dad tell stories of his youth. He won’t type them and I’ve offered to give him my little recorder – to hear his own voice telling the story would be a treasure as well! ………..Ok……….I’ll get going on it……….maybe! 🙂

    Post some pictures of this kitchen remodel………I think I may get a little more motivated about that LOL (now my husband probably not but……..)

  2. It amazes me how much information (AND pictures) are out there if you want to look. I often wonder how this generation will be remembered. I think that is why I like to take and archive so many pictures….it just might be of interest someday 😉

  3. Someone someday is going to treasure what you have written. I run into people every day that say they should write it all down..before it is forgotten..but I wonder do they take the time to do it. We have some oral historys on tape at the museum and a volunteer ( Not Me) is going to transcribe them next winter.
    Keep telling stories..keep on are good at telling stories:)

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