Had an insurance adjuster come this morning to look at the roof and see if they would help any with the leaking problem. Looks like I am going to have to build a small slanted roof on top of this one, where it is flat. Why in the hell they ever built them flat tops with 4 angles years ago is beyond me. We have tarred and tarred and filled in small holes and think we have it patched and then it rains and it leaks again. Getting a little old.

When he got here I was just coming back with the team and dump rake. I couldn’t make it dump properly and decided it was because it wasn’t level enough. I’d replaced the old rotted off tongue with one made of metal but it is just too dang heavy. so after he left I went up the creek and found a small Ash tree and cut it down and have been working on getting it attached. After dinner I am going to go saddle a horse and attempt to bring all the heifers in and sort the bulls off. The wind is right for them to want to travel towards the house so it ought to work.

Cindy is off to pickup Gabe and Lige after work as Kass’s mother is not good so Kass and her sister are going to go see her in Arizona and leave the boys here for awhile.

I am supposed to run up to Spearfish this evening to the heritage show. Ken Cook and another feller are up and I’d like to go support them. It will be a great show. I’ll have to see how the bull deal goes and what Gramma thinks tho’.

Not too hot and a strong south east wind blowing that is supposed to drop off this afternoon/evening. Probably blowing some rain up northwest that will come back to us in a couple days.