Especially under the crawl space in the house. Even more especially when you’ve gotten more plumbing stuff to fix things SOMEBODY screwed up and find that they are the wrong size as the people who hooked up the waterlines to the clothes washer switched over from 1/2 inch copper tubing to some kind of copper tubing that they evidently use for propane and it is slightly bigger than 1/2 inch so the stuff you bought won’t work! Sheeeesh!

But Lyle down at CRS got me fixed up and we have new lines to the washer, and new drain line for it also.

Tate had to patch the floor under the old sink and he worked on that and getting the last of the cabinets in while I made a trip to Sturgis for a short gig and I also got some more STUFF to fix on things.

It was up to a 100 at least today and then had a rain shower in Sturgis while the sun shone and that made it MUGGY. And this evening when we were loading Tate’s tools up, it was real muggy here also.

Things are not all done but at least the new stuff is in and awaiting for new door coverings and drawer covering. We added another ceiling fan where the old light was and the kitchen table got moved over closer to the outside door. Be lot handier when people got to eat and run! 😉

Someday we hope to be done with all this. Perhaps in this lifetime. 🙂