I ran in to Rapid early this morning and got a whole bunch of odds and ends for the house. Got a new drive belt for the mowing machine as the other looks to be about broken in two.

When  I got back Tate had hung several cabinets and had the counter top we installed yesterday screwed down. We went to work on the plumbing after Cindy came home with some forgotten pieces. Well, just one hose and a fitting, but we wanted to have it all together before we shut off the water and went to plumbing. Sure am glad I am NOT a plumber! Tho’ I hear it pays well and I can damn sure see why!

We get the new kitchen sink plumbed in and found some leaks. Fixed on them and then fixed again and then fixed again. I am starting to think the people who sell this crap don’t know doodly squat!

I was told you don’t need the inserts in the pex when you push the couplers on. Maybe not but that was what was causing the leaks!

Dang, I will sure be glad when this is all done and I can go back to dealing with wild, irate bulls and green colts!