Cabinets and counters came in yesterday afternoon. Tate rolled in later. We started on them this morning. Go part of the cabinets set and counter top set on and the sink put in, but somebody measured wrong! Must have been Cindy’s fault. 😉

We will have to make a few adjustments.

Cindy brought us out a few things we needed today when she came home from work, then Kass and kids came out and brought some more. I forgot to get waterline to hook up the new sink so I will have to run into town in the morning and get it.

We cooked some hamburger and taters with cheese on top in the dutch oven for supper. Mmmm good. Will Larsen made something like that last spring when the buncvh from Ranch Country gathered here. Cindy remembered.

Then this evening Tate and I ran over to the dam at Red Owl and fished. I got a few bites but no big Northern. Tate caught a 13 or 14 inch bass on his fly line. Real nice fish and biggest he’s caught on his fly line.

We will hit it again tomorrow.