I knew I needed to get back up the creek and doctor the bull that me and Woody had lessons with, so I thought of my friend Rick, who’s birthday is today and is always telling me to let him know when I’ve got any roping to do as he is like me and enjoys that stuff. It’s cool and cloudy and damp and we got a shot of rain yesterday so I figured he couldn’t hay, so called him and he said he’d love to rope on his birthday! He came over and we went up and doctored the bull and found a previous doctored on heifer who needed more medicine. Roped them, turned them loose and came in and Cindy had made a nice dinner.

This afternoon I worked on my mower and dump rake. Ran over to Punkin Center and got some stuff to fix on them and some more plumbing stuff for the kitchen.

Tate is supposed to be out Friday and we will go to installing.  They are supposed to deliver the new cabinets and such tomorrow afternoon.

Cathy T and Hope were here yesterday and helped Cindy with the painting on the kitchen and I even helped a little and offered well intentioned but unheeded advice! 😉 And of course enjoyed the grand kids. they spent the night and headed back home this morning.

I talked to a mutual friend of the people I run some heifers for and heard their grand son was in a horse wreck so called to see and he is in the hoispital in Casper, waiting for his lungs to get in good enough shape so they can do some heart surgery. He has a valve that was injured in the wreck, but they have it open with a ballon and waiting for him to improve a bit before they do the surgery, so they have been running back and forth over there. Been to wet for them to put up much hay anyway and that is their primary job this time of the year.

So lets all be careful out there. Ain’t none of us bulletproof!