Water trouble

Seems everybody is having it in one way or another.

When I took the team and low boy wagon up to Harry’s old place to haul mineral to the girls up there, I saw the tank was overflowing so I just shut the power off. I ran back up there a few minutes ago and the float was broken, but Cindy is going to pick me up a new piece to fix it with, at Punkin Center, on her way home. No big deal.

Chance called earlier today and mentioned that they had got over an inch of rain last night so his haying plans changed to riding after missing cows. He called me later and told me the rest of the story.

He rode Peaches and made a long ride and found the cows, but about half were across a narrow little creek that was running pretty hard. He hated to leave them so decided they’d get wet, but at least they’d get the job done.When Peaches stepped off into this little creek her head went out of sight! Went plumb under! Chance got off her and they had all kinds of hell. At one point she had both of her front legs astraddle of his chest. Said he was pretty sure he was going to die right there. He finally got out but couldn’t get her out. He eventually got the saddle and blanket off her and she tried for a little bit, but the banks were real steep. She finally just rolled up on her side and quit trying. He was pretty sure he had just lost a horse. He let her float for a bit then went to pushing her nose under water a little with his foot and that made her struggle and go to trying to survive again and eventually they drifted downstream far enough that she could climb out. He had lost a muck boot in the battle, so let her rest and went fishing for it and eventually found it. Ruined his cell phone so there was no way to call anyone. He let her rest, then saddled up and rode a long, slow way home. Called me and he was plumb wore out from it all. He said Peaches has got bottom, as after all that she still hit a slow jog on the way home.

They both learned a good lesson and praise the Lord they both survived. It could have ended way worse.

So some peoples water trouble is sure worse than others. I am thankful mine is such a little thing.

9 thoughts on “Water trouble

  1. I’m glad it all came out okay! We’ve had horses bogged pretty bad, and our old mountain man neighbor says sometimes the best thing they can do is lay over and rest, as Peaches did, rather than fight until they’re done in. A little rest time and they are good to struggle again. Sounds like Peaches is a keeper and I’m sure glad Chance is still here to tell the story.

  2. A gripping account — with a happy ending! Make sure Chance gets a bigger piece of meat at the next BBQ and Peaches gets a bottle of pop. Or something. Whew! Glad they are okay.

    1. Thank you all for the kind thoughts. Yeah, I am glad they made it. I am way to busy to bury a kid! šŸ˜‰

      And yes Ken, the Good Lord was watching out for them. Or he had a cowboy angel riding on his shoulder, anyway!

    1. Great story, a safe ending the best thing of all. I had a horse and she couldn’t swim, only one I’ve ever stuck like that (had her for just on 25 years, other than that she was great), and she darn near drowned me in similar circumstances. Very frightening situation to be in the water with a horse that doesn’t know what to do. Cheers

  3. Wow how scary was that. Chance is really lucky..I am so glad both he and the horse are okay. I guess a lesson was learned..walk the water..on a horse or in a car..the weather and water has been so unpredictable this year:)

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