Drove down to Martin SD yesterday to entertain for their 100 year celebration. Ran on to some friends, Ken Cook and his lovely bride Nancy, Beck and Pat Keegen and children, Paul Williams and met his wife finally, and even saw Ken Moreland.

Had a good set and  got to meet some new people. Two of our young neighbor ladies are originally from down in that neck of the woods. I met Donelle’s maternal grand father who came up and introduced himself after the set. I drove home on the road north out of Martin and drove by Mellisa’s families ranch. Sure some pretty country down there.

About like up here. Hay down, windblown in places, wet in places and some baled up.

I stopped at Wall Drug on the way home for a malt and visited with some friend in the store. Big ol’ dark clouds off to the west and north west on the drive home.

Just got here and it went to cracklin’ and lightning. Got some rain and Cindy came by Enning as then she doesn’t have to drive on Indian Creek Rd so far, which is a little more slimy when it is wet.

Tate and Kass and kids came out last night also. About to head over for Mass at Red Owl.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this 4th.