Windy Tuesday

It’s really howling. Gusts to almost 50 mph. Sure drying out the mud! But up to almost 60 degrees.

Cindy and I ran into town yesterday. Got some flowers and put them on the folks graves. On the way home we stopped over at Red Owl and put a flag on Great Grampa’s grave. He was a veteran of the Civil war. Fought for the north. I am afraid if it happened again, I’d have to join the south as it was really a fight about states rights. I read where ol’ honest Abe even would have allowed slavery if the south would re-join, but they wouldn’t. As far as I can see, that was the beginning of the fed’s taking over duties better left to states and counties and cities, that is strangling us today. I am afraid we will have this same fight in the future. Or another fight to free ourselves from tyranny, except now the tyrants are in DC instead of England, but it is still taxation without true representation, looks to me like. Sad. You’d think we’d learn.

While in town Cindy picked out new cabinets for the kitchen. They will make the bare bones of them and our son Tate, who is doing some terrific work with tables and such, will make the doors and drawer fronts for us out of old barn wood. Now, just to pay for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And of course the dishwasher died and we need to do something with plumbing and she would like the oven to match the dishwasher! Oy!

Got heifer bulls coming this afternoon. I moved all the heifers to a far pasture last night so I will either have to trail the bulls in or let the heifers come back a little bit to the east to join up with the bulls.

The dogs “helped” me move them and I rode Peaches. She is one tuff little mare. We trotted and loped most the time and she only sweated where the saddle set. Them heifers are about like chickens on drugs! Silly creatures. Kind’a put you inย  mind of high school girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

And they were either chasing or running from the dogs. For a little ways. Then stop and come back. Oh well, we all got a good workout and a few heifers learned to respect the dogs. Bob enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to leave them when we got done. He’s a little hard of hearing when you try to direct him, but they can’t back him off. Tuffer than a pigs snout! Sure would be fun to take a Border Collie who is supposed to be tuff and test him/her on these little girls. Course, when they have to deal with 450 head of them, it is pretty hard to whip them all, at once! Maybe one of these days I will get one. That is on my wish list, but he’s got to be medium to short coat and have them little prick ears.


2 thoughts on “Windy Tuesday

  1. I’ll bet threecollie knows where you can get whatcha want! I’ve always liked border collies, but I couldn’t keep one active enough and it would just get in trouble out here.

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