Another branding

Cold and windy, but we got them done. Big crew. With 5 ropers there was always someone waiting to take a calf off the rope when you came out. Good dinner afterwards off course.

Brad rode my Some More Lena filly and drug a few calves on here. He sure looks to have done a nice job. I am anxious to get on her and screw up all his training! 😉

This afternoon I had a snooze and then rode Peaches out south and took the dogs and moved the heifers into the next pasture. Like trying to herd inquisitive cats. The dogs chased them and then they chased the dogs. Wild times, but we got ‘er done!

Had Mass this evening as their is Baccalaureate and Graduation in Faith tomorrow.

Got another branding in the morning and then run in to my brothers in Sturgis to have a family get together.

3 thoughts on “Another branding

  1. Ha, our critters have been doing the same – steers chase the dog, dog chases the steers, and they just go round and round that way. Shoulda had a video camera on them the first time, it was hilarious!

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