A sister who I wasn’t raised with came up to visit. She lives in Arizona. She was raised in Rapid City, but we didn’t find each other until we were grown up. She wanted to meet Christel while she was here visiting, so flew in to Sioux Falls and a friend from Chicago meet her there and drove her out. So I went in to town yesterday afternoon and hooked up with them and Cindy after Cindy got off work and we had an early supper and a good visit. We are all supposed to meet at my older brothers in Sturgis on Sunday afternoon and have a cookout. Hopefully all my kids will be able to make it. Christel flies out for Switzerland early Monday morning and doesn’t want to leave. Just wants her fiancee to move over here!

Windy and cool with a chance of a little snow. Another branding today and again tomorrow.

We are starting to get some blossoms on the wild fruit bushes and trees. Hope it doesn’t freeze. I sure do like wild plums and even some chokecherries to eat, tho’ I don’t eat much jelly any more. Cindy likes to make the jelly for the kids and grandkids and friends.

Seems like it’s been a long winter and a wet cool spring. Maybe it will cause the grasshoppers to not be so thick this year.

One thought on “Family

  1. Yeah, you DEFINITELY had grasshoppers last year. It looked like the road was moving in spots.

    Still no rain here – thirty miles west got several inches. Not us.

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