Family, part 2

Got done branding at Dean’s and made a hurried rush of getting Fred fed and changing clothes and turning my horse loose. Branding went well and it sure was a nice day.

I rushed into town and visited with my sister in Switzerland on Skype and visited with others who were at the house. Had a pretty good visit and all three of our sons and spouses and grandkids were there so I enjoyed that.

Having two sisters who you were not raised with is like having distant cousins you are told you are related to. You look much the same but have such different memories of growing up and really nothing in common except genetics. Still it was fun to get to listen to a few stories of my older sister.

I am headed out to help a neighbor move his cattle to summer pasture. Looks like the rest of this week we have a pretty strong chance of rain. I’ll take it. I’m greedy that way.

4 thoughts on “Family, part 2

  1. It was fun.. I was glad we could go.. Sorry we had to leave quickly, but I am glad we could meet the sisters we’ve never met before… So Thanks for the invite.. 🙂

  2. Its always nice to see family even if you don’t have much in common. Sounds like you had a good visit! I don’t have lots in common with my family either and I am sorta glad in live over 800 miles away sometimes 😉

  3. not much in commun?……Maybe…but gush how much I feel like I’d know you any time, any place, even with lots of years in between…! I was abord to let loose some tears… but never would show them to “my” brother!!! 😉
    Just waiting to fight as we use to!!!! I’v dreamed of you before I ever met ya!! And you know what??? I think you’r a smart-ass!!! 😉
    Besides, so am I !!! I’m looking forward to meet ya again! And !!!! I’m going to the hotel! I’ll get a car and drive around to see ALL my girl’d seen! I love every one of you, just the way you are, but I don’t want to get teared appart! Waiting for your poemes and music!!!xxxxooooo to all your folks!! 😀

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