Guess who called me tonight?


Good to visit with you Jeffro.

For those who don’t know, Jeffro drives truck and posts a blog. I read him often and it’s always nice to hear the voice behind the blog. Sure hope we get to meet face to face in the near future. Nice guy doing a hard job. Gob bless the knights of the road!

Hers a link to his blog. Check it out.

Putted around this morning, working on some music and then picked up old plastic baler twine and stuffed it into old salt sacks. I was afraid to burn as the wind was supposed to come up. And then Dean, Brad and Rick stopped in about noon. Had a good, but short visit.

After I got done with my feeding today, I hooked on to my small horse disc and hooked a section of harrow to it and went out and disc’d on the old cow patties and left over hay out east of the house where they were pretty thick and deep. Sure did the team good! But they got sweated up and tired and I didn’t want to sore their shoulders so stopped before I was done, but have plans of doing more the next few days. Wish I had some help so I could hook the fillies on with them. Maybe when my niece Crystal gets here she will help me. She is supposed to fly in on Sunday.

I worked on a saddle I am replacing the rigging in too.

I also called and made an appointment to get me ears checked. I know I need hearing aids and tried one some years back and hated it, but these newer ones are much better and not as expensive as they used to be. Maybe I will be able to quit saying, “What?” all the time.