Still windy, but not quite as hard. Chilly last night but got up to 50 this noon or so.

I loaded up Lena, the filly and took her up to Brad for another 30 days of riding. Then came home, unhooked the trailer and loaded Gramma up and we went to Punkin Center and got a couple new tires put on the rims for Purple. Getting time that it would be handy to be able to drive him around again. Not so easy with two flat tires. I think them older tires could probably have been patched to hold air, but they were pretty badly weather checked. We ate out at the Bull Creek Cafe while we waited for them to fix the tires. Then home and putted around and did chores.

Cindy made some home made chicken and noodles and some fresh bread and we ran some up to a neighbor who is not feeling well and having a tuff time of it.

I have a saddle to work on for another neighbor that hopefully I can get done tomorrow. As good as the mud is drying up, I really ought to get them Halflinger fillies going better and get some of them coming 3 year old fillies in and get to putting miles on them. We are supposed to start getting calves with in the week, but so far none look to be bagging up. Probably waiting for some snow or such! 😉