I could use that same word for most posts seems like. Almost always windy here. Oh well, that is what made it cattle country.

Just back from Mass. Fr Marcin has done a great job in getting people to come to Mass and we have several young couples with young children there now almost every weekend. It’s sue good to see and hear them youngsters at church.

Tate and Kass came out Friday night and stayed for the weekend. They have Kass’s niece Kia living with them. A sixteen year old girl sure helps Kass with the kids.

In a couple weeks or less,  niece from Switzerland, Crystal,  is flying over to spend 5 weeks. I am looking forward to it. I haven’t seen her mother in years, except in photographs. Her mother Bridgette, is my youngest sister. She was not raised with us, but grew up in Switzerland. She did come over and stay for about a year when Cindy and I were engaged and courting. She was here for the wedding and then had to go back that spring, if I remember right. Crystal has never been here to the US before. She is a motorcycle mechanic and my older brother Van has a motorcycle and is in to them, so they will have fun together. Also my older sister Renae who lives in Arizona is saying she will come up, to meet Crystal and visit us all. She hasn’t been here in years also. She was raised in a different family and we didn’t find each other until we all grew up.

UPDATE   On the way home from church, Tate and Kass decided to go “sight seeing” down south. They got into a spot that was a lot softer than they realized and buried their little SUV. So Tate came to get me while I was posting this entry on here. It’s a good thing we had a great big spool of one inch nylon rope that Tate brought home with him from Missouri years back. Hooked on with my Dodge and had to bounce it a few times, but got them free. I don’t have much for tires with tread on Teddy and it’s really soft, so we got lucky. I should have went and got the team to pull him out, but they are not in the barn and the family was anxiously awaiting us inside the vehicle. Oh well, live and learn.