We got a little. More supposedly coming in. and wind. How exciting! šŸ™‚

See how idiotic them skiers sound? šŸ™‚

Cindy’s mom got thru’ surgery late yesterday. 10 hours or so. The doctors said it went well.Then about 2 am this morning Cindy called to tell they had taken her back in. Not real sure what they had to do or redo but she is out and resting now.

A neighbor from south of me brought us a new pussy cat yesterday. She is about half grown. Likes people and dogs and is house trained. Purrs real loud. Real Loud! When you are trying to sleep!

She will stay in the house for a while until she and the dogs are friend, other wise Bob will find her delicious! She has no problems with the dogs, but Bob thought she would make a great play to. He was trained upon!

By the way, she was already named by the neighbors grand daughter. Loveliness star shine. Yeah, that’s what I thought too!

Cindy is supposed to bring Gabe and Lige out with her this afternoon/evening. Woohoo! Grandkids to play with Grampa for a week or so! Wonder if Lovey will like little boys? šŸ™‚