Cindy called about 9:30. They had gotten the new work done on here mother and then decided they needed to do more. She wasn’t getting enough blood flowing, so they started in again about 9 or so. I ran down to get the boys and lend moral support. Still haven’t heard back at 5:40 as I write this. One surgeon did come out while I was there and said all was going good. they had planned on doing this other surgery, just not so soon as she is pretty frail, but when then they discovered that she wasn’t getting the blood flow she should they decided it must be done now. Hopefully all will go well.

I got Lige and Gabe and we went and got some cheap mud boots and then on to Sam’s club for a couple things. They only had one that I wanted but I ended up getting more, of course. I hate that place! We got our shopping done, then stopped by Mickey D’s for some french fries for the trip home, late lunch. I am told that pancakes are on the menu tonight! When we got home we hurried around and got the chores done. Windy with a skift of snow yet from this morning and almost foggy. Supposed to get about 5 inches in the next 12 hours. Sure glad I am not calving yet.