Got up and took off for Rapid this morning. Met up with Tate and looked at the coolers, but decided not to try and load one and haul it. Maybe if I was Superman strong I would have. Heavy? Lets just say, I am glad it wasn’t my brother?

It was worth the trip tho’ as Tate gave me a real cool little table he made. I asked why and he said, “Well, you whined so much at Christmas about Tyler getting one and not you, I decided to shut you up. ” or at least, words to that effect. 🙂

See, sometimes whining pays! 🙂

I went to several places and shopped and got a few things I NEEDED. Hey, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Got the camera fixed. It was just the little card that goes in it that holds the pictures. I had accidentally moved a little button on the side when I last downloaded. No big deal. Other than the shop didn’t open until 10 am. Who doesn’t have to go to work until 10 am? I mean besides all the stores at the mall? Sheesh!

I got a wagon for grandkids. And BB guns for grandkids to play with at Grampa and Gramma’s house. Yup, necessities!

Picked up a low cost floor jack. Always wanted one. And a small green house. Oh and pellets for the wood stove. Headed over to Wall and met up with my buddy Marty from down in the Sandhills. He was swapping horses with a young couple. They had a younger horse who needs a cowboy and Marty had an older horse who needs a kid. I think they both got the best end of that deal!

Marty and I giggled and laffed thru’ lunch and then the horse swap, then we all headed home. I harnessed up and fed and then came in the house and been on the phone all most nonstop since.

Cindy’s mom did not have surgery. They ran into something so admitted her into the hospital and will try again in the morning. Cindy stayed in town with Fr Tyler for the early morning surgery tomorrow, if they pull it off.

Addy had to have her stomach enlarged. She is just so little that she can’t eat enough to grow right, so they pumped up the poor little kids stomach to expand it so she can eat more. Guess she cried all night. Tuff being a little kid! But she got to go home today.

Snow and wind headed this way tomorrow night. Wheeee. Spring? Storm!

Yup, same old same old.

By the way, if you see Brad A, ask him how his doctoring went?


Sorry Brad, I just couldn’t resist! LOL