I putted around and worked on a saddle this morning and cut out some new quarter strap to fix the harness we broke yesterday. Then this afternoon, I went out and harnessed up and fed. Dean came about the time I was ready to go, so he hopped on and went along for the ride. Then after we got a bale loaded Cindy came driving in, so she got the gate and jumped on to go feed the bale. When we got done Dean and I put the horses in the barn and then went and got him a chunk of pipe to fix his bale wagon that had the reach break onΒ  while he was feeding with his team this morning. We had a cool drink and then he went home and I went out and harnessed up Wren and drove her single in the round corral. Cindy brought the camera out and took these pictures. Wren was pretty fast paced but I just kind of stayed in the middle and directed her until she slowed down and then when she was pretty calm about it I dropped the tugs and let her drag them around her back feet. We went fast again! πŸ™‚

She got way better and I think this is the trick, to get them both driving real good single, then hook them up with one of the older horses and drive them. Lots simpler for one guy by himself. Cindy got a good video of me unhooking her but I can’t upload on here unless i pay money and I am just too cheap to do so. I may try and put it on Youtube and if I do, I will let everyone know.