More Public Lands Rancing

Here are some pictures from a wild cow catching crew in Arizona. Hmm, wonder why there are wild cattle to be caught in that country? With all that good cheap feed looks like they would all be real tame, don’t it?

7 thoughts on “More Public Lands Rancing

  1. Those cows are not wild…on land like that they have to be self-sufficient…
    it’s amazing that they aren’t cannibals.

  2. I was wrong, I called them “self-sufficient”… on land that sparse they should be called “survivalists”… running cattle on that land would be “hard scrabble” even as a limited secondary or supplemental land source…for productive weight-gain what is the animal/acre ratio on land like that…the folks that are “using” the land are putting it to a reasonable productive use…I would be willing to bet that there are very few people willing to gamble their own money on paying “rents” to make any kind of a living off that land…market demand sets the rental rate…if you want it, all you have to do is pay the price…I am sure your friend knows exactly how much that land is worth to his business and it’s not going to be much more than what he is paying right now!!!

    1. In actuality, these cattle belong to whomever can catch them. I think you have to pay a small fee, like a license for deer hunting, only this can go on year around. They are cattle who escaped branding and identifying of them by the original owner, much like the ferel horses that run wild.

      I have another friend who runs a ranch in Arizona and his cattle live more on browse and cactus than on grasses. They are more akin to deer or antelope than to the typical bovine. But, at least the land is making someone some money. And cattle are good for the land if managed properly.

  3. “…but, at least the land is making someone some money. And cattle are good for the land if managed properly.” The point precisely…
    I misunderstood the concept, I thought your friend was leasing the land.
    Capturing wild cattle, what a great way to spend a day…thanks for your patients D.

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