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Same old same old. Work on some leather, feed cows, you know.

Hasn’t been real warm, but not real cols either. I am still waiting for the January thaw. Even tho’ it will mean more ice, but we already have quite a little of that. Stupid Bob was chasing a cow this morning and before I got him stopped she hit a patch of snow covered ice and down she went, just skating along. Didn’t land too hard, and she got right up and I think she will be fine but it always makes me nervous, thinking about slipped calves and such.

Going in to town this afternoon for a doc appointment for a check up. One of them “over 50” deals! I can hardly wait! 😦

Then this evening we are hosting the Adult Ed for the church. Wonder what Fr will inform us of tonight?

Cindy got the mail and brought in a package and look what was inside!

Maybe if any of you are reeaaalll nice to me, I’ll let you touch my new blanket! 😛


Thanks  bunch Lisa, I love it! And the 3 finger mitts!



Not really.

Okay, I will take it as it is moisture and I can’t stop it anyway. But I am really ready for a January thaw!

We had a lite snow and then a lite rain and man was it slickery out there! Did chores, worked on some leather and went and got a horse trailer Chance had bought from a neighbor.

That’s about all for now.

Did I mention I would like it to get warm and thaw? From now until spring?

Just been feeding and frittering away the time lately seems like. Went over and helped a neighbor work some cows the other day and when I got home the boys were playing outside I so I hooked the end of my looonnnngggg rope to the end of about 10 feet of twine tied to the black plastic calf sled and drug it with Beaver. He objected, but I won out. Found out when I went to unhook it by pulling it to me while setting on his back, he can really back up! Video of a little of it on Facebook. Here’s pics of me and the boys sleddin’.


Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes. It was a great day. I got over a hundred well wishes from friends on Facebook. Which considering there are over 300 who claim to be my friends, ain’t all that high. Guess you find out who your friends are don’t you! LOL

Pretty warm today. Went over and helped Delbert work his cows. The corrals and alley’s are so icy, we gathered them with horses and then worked them afoot. Got a little sloppy by the end. Went well and the breeze picked up as we took them back and I got chilly. Then when I got home Gus and Sam were dressed up and outside so I pulled them around on the calf sled with Beaver, much to Beavers disgust and protest. Just something about a black plastic calf sled he don’t like. Man can he back up good when he has a black plastic calf sled following him and evidently preparing to attack! LOL


Originally uploaded by jinglebob1958


Originally uploaded by jinglebob1958

To celebrate my birthday, the grand kids took me sledding with my new calf sled. We even let Gramma’ take a spin!

Check it out. Why do we need to keep buying oil from the Saudi’s and the Middle East? Something is rotten in Denmark.


USGS Release: 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate— (4/10/2008 2:25:36 PM).

Man! That was fun to type!

Chilly out there this morning. -3 and a stiff breeze building. Supposed to gust up to almost 30 mph.

I have a small rant here. I have been going thru’ the movies on all the channels at night and setting up any I want to watch, to record or whatever they do on a DVR. Then if you don’t like them, just erase them. Or you can fast forward thru’ the commercials.

So after everyone else went to bed last night I started watching one that looked interesting. It was weird. And I just kept thinking, “This has got to be going someplace.” And it did. It got weirder! Some story about a guy on a farm and needing to make money so he goes back to running whiskey across the border. There was one actor in it I really like.Not sure of his name but he was in Pow Wow Highway and Smoke Signals.  And the main character was Kris Kristoferson. Is it just me or does Kris just not know how to use his face? He never changes expression or voice tone. How does he get these acting jobs? I’m sorry, but I can’t think of one movie I have ever seen him in where he wasn’t wooden and spoke in the same monotone. Or is it just me?

Anyway, there is an hour and a half of my life I would like to get back.

Cold. But not too bad. Got up to 3 and just a lite breeze. I kept the team in when I got done feeding so the other horses could eat with out the team picking on them. Brad brought Lena home yesterday. Rode her down. In the cold. Dang kids! 🙂

So a little while ago I went out to turn the team out and I caught the fillies and I then caught Lena and brushed her all over and picked up her feet. She is a lot different horse than when she left last fall. He done a great job with her, but then he always does. Hopefully he will take her again in the spring and make her better.

Not supposed to blow as hard and long as they predicted, but we should get some wind tomorrow and not much warmer. More cold coming in for the week end it looks like.

I been feeding quite a little hay and I must have finally got them satisfied as they didn’t clean up today’s hay and most have went out to graze.