Huh, I forgot to update the blog yesterday. The satellite guy came and brought a new receiver so we can receive high def TV. I was impressed. Really makes a difference. And he programmed the remotes so they work on both TV’s. Cool. But we lost all the programs we had recorded. Mostly shows for the grand kids. Oh well, I will just have to watch and record any ones I see. It’s not like they don’t play them over and over.

I did manage to work on a saddle a bit and get my chores done. And last night was the first performance of the NFR. I am recording all of them so I might re watch the saddle bronc riding at lunch. Yeah, that’s a good plan!

6 thoughts on “12/3/10

    1. This was the cheapest one we could find. Flat screen 32 inch. Got on Black Friday. A lay in line warned me to get the in store coverage as she had one made from the same company and she had to take it back. So I did. So far it’s been great, but if you ain’t hooked up to high def TV line, it will do no good, as I understand it.

    1. Best show all year. I just pretty much watch the bronc riding. Heard they had a hell of a wreck in the bull riding last night.

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