Nice day out there. Harnessed and hooked up the team and fed calves. Saddle horses was standing there at the corral so I caught Pilgrim and rode up west and changed some gates so the horses can go north and I can turn the calves east if I want to. Checked the bean for the cows and they are finding enough green grass under the snow that they ain’t too interested in it. Wren and Rill were standing at the corrals when I got back so I kept them in so they can see what being a draft horse is all about. Now on to leather work.

5 thoughts on “12-1-10

  1. Rdennis –
    hunting in Potter County next week – that’s pretty close to you. Could Fr Dennis get away on Friday?

  2. Thought of you JB whilst reading my latest issue of Farm and Ranch mag.
    There’s an article on a ranch in Idaho where the feedin’ is done with a team and wagon. Pics are by Stoeckline- always excellent. Please have a pic or two of your leather work. Thanks.

    1. I haven’t done anything worth taking a picture of lately but when I do I will post. Been slacking off on the leatherwork, but gonna have to crank it up. I love to procrastinate!

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