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Overcast and cooler. Supposed to get up to 74 or so this afternoon. Nice day to ride. We got 60 hundreds of rain the other night and the lightning was popping and the thunder rolling. Sure was tickled to get the rain as we have lots of dried stuff to burn in this country. Rained hard for a bit and then I knew we was safe from fires right here.

Chance and I rode down south and doctored 4 of our calves with ears down Saturday evening but they all looked okay today. I’ll ride and check more cattle after dinner.

Rode with Dean up to Spearfish to a horse sale yesterday, where several friends and neighbors had horses for sale. Wasn’t a great sale for prices for the sellers, but sure not as bad as some I’ve heard either.

Took my pickup over to the vet today to get a new seal put in the rear end. Hey, better it than me!

Cindy and I took the boys with us and went to Punkin Center and got some Nuflor and the shots for calves for their fall shots, this morning also.

I had BLT’s for dinner with garden fresh tomatoes. I wonder what the poor folk are doing today?

Hows them colts, Mike? 🙂

Got the heifers all ultra sounded yesterday. Got hot but we had a wind and it helped with the heat tho’ it made the dust kind of a pain.

Went and helped Chance and Hope load their stuff in a trailer so Hope can move down where Chance has been. Tate came out to help also. Then this evening Chance and I went and doctored 4 of our calves with ears down. Used some Nuflor I got at Faith this morning. Bottle is basically empty so I need to get more. At 24 cc per calf a 100 cc bottle don’t last long. Wish I had thought to get a bigger bottle.

Fr Tyler is covering for our priest this weekend so he is coming to spend the night here, so we will have a house full.

Went out to doctor a calf this morning who had an ear down yesterday. Actually, there were two, but I only found one this morning so the other one must be feeling better. I’ll keep an eye on them. Then I moved some heifers we are going to ultra sound tomorrow. Snapped a few pictures. Took some pictures of a badger last night, but they didn’t turn out. 😦

A neighbor, Dean came over this morning and helped me sort pairs from steers and move the steers down south. We also sorted some heifers and the 3 bulls from our cows and kicked them back in with the heifer bunch where the heifers belong and the bulls will get pulled out of them on Friday, when we ultra sound the heifers to check for pregnancy and when they will calve. It went well and I rode Pilgrim who is getting to be more cowy all the time. Of course I forgot the camera so no pictures, but I would have been too busy sorting or riding most of the time to get very good ones any way. I will try and remember it on Friday and get some good shots.

I need to get a colt to a guy who starts them for me, who traded riding for a saddle, but I need a seal put into the rear end of my pickup, so I guess it will have wait.

Cindy hit a damn deer on her way in to work this morning so she has to wash her car to get an estimate in order to get it fixed. Damn deer!

Gramma and I drove down to Custer to go with Gabe for his first day at school. Well, really he just went and met his teacher and found out where his class room is, so he will be ready on Wednesday. Tate and Kass had a meeting, afterword’s,  so we kept Lige and Gabe and ate some pizza and went to the Purple Pie Place and had ice cream cones. It was about 10 when we got back home. I don’t think we missed too much around here as the wind was blowing and I rode on cattle in the morning before we took off. Hard to believe our oldest grandson is starting school!

Don’t pay the ransom, I escaped!!!!!!!


Had a great, too short of a time, but I had to come home last night because Mass was at 8 this morning and I am the music and I have to meet a friend in Belle at noon and go get my 3 fillies back from my nephew. Their daddy learned a lot down on the river amongst all them spooky things at the AR. Here’s a few photo’s as I walked around before I left yesterday evening. Them artists like that slanting light in early morning late evening. So that is when most of the shooting of photo’s takes place.

I made these photos vague on purpose because those who use material from the Artist Ride need permission to use these photo’s that are taken there and pay for the privilege of doing so.

It was another good one. I think this one was the 27th year of this.

Fr Tyler was home today. He made me go fishing, but I fooled him, I caught more fish. Then this evening we whacked a bunch of golf balls out into the pasture and then tried to find them. We came up short. Hope the cows don’t choke on them.

Got a guy coming to tack some shoes on a couple horse tomorrow. Artist Ride starts Thursday and my buddy from Denmark is coming and we will ride a lot when he is here. Mijo has broke his toe of his hoof off and it’s pretty short and Beav could use a set in front also. So as I will be gone for a day or two I won’t be posting. Stay out of trouble while I am gone! And that’s an order! 🙂

I’ll let you klnow when and if I come back!

I know I am crazy as I went to a horse sale to meet up with a friend and haul him his horse back who has been here for about a year now and I went crazy and bought a colt. Cheap and well bred, but what makes me think I need another horse?

Must be crazy!

I feel just like that bird at times!

I took the team and headed to Faith for the big parade today. they are celebrating their 100 year birthday of the town so lots of locals who have ranched her that long were in it. I used a manure spreader to haul the King family. The sign on the side said, King Ranch. Spreading BS for the last 100 years! People got a kick out of it. Team did real well and it was good for them. got the little filly, Pet sacked out pretty good too! 🙂 She now knows what balloons, fluttering junk and lots of people look like. Looked like most of the people in this state were lining the course! I was glad to do it and glad to get it done.

Going to Rapid to meet a buddy and take him a horse tomorrow.

Cindy will be happy as tomorrow is the last day of the motorcycle rally. Killed quite a few coming and when they got here and going home, sounds like. Estimates of 800,00 or more. Sure looks like it anytime you get close to the Black Hills, anywhere. if you ever come visit I would do is at a different time than this. Even the bikers think it is too crowded!

I re-rigged my pack saddle and wanted to see how it fit. Crackerjack is just a small 2 year old so I had to shorten everything up pretty much. Looks good. Guess I am ready for a pack trip.