Saturday, Aug 13, 2010

I feel just like that bird at times!

I took the team and headed to Faith for the big parade today. they are celebrating their 100 year birthday of the town so lots of locals who have ranched her that long were in it. I used a manure spreader to haul the King family. The sign on the side said, King Ranch. Spreading BS for the last 100 years! People got a kick out of it. Team did real well and it was good for them. got the little filly, Pet sacked out pretty good too! 🙂 She now knows what balloons, fluttering junk and lots of people look like. Looked like most of the people in this state were lining the course! I was glad to do it and glad to get it done.

Going to Rapid to meet a buddy and take him a horse tomorrow.

Cindy will be happy as tomorrow is the last day of the motorcycle rally. Killed quite a few coming and when they got here and going home, sounds like. Estimates of 800,00 or more. Sure looks like it anytime you get close to the Black Hills, anywhere. if you ever come visit I would do is at a different time than this. Even the bikers think it is too crowded!

4 thoughts on “Saturday, Aug 13, 2010

  1. I absolutely detest trying to drive through Rapid on the way to Belle Fourche during the rally – trying to fit a wide load through all the bike traffic parked on the shoulders is pretty hair raising.

    Once on the way back, one of my younger compadres wanted to drive through downtown Sturgis during the rally. With two eighteen wheelers. I wasn’t stupid – he just was really, really hoping to get flashed by some biker babes.

    I told him he’d lost his mind – we’d be stuck for hours and the pertinent parties would more likely be po’d that we were clogging things up, so the only flashing we’d get would be letting us know we were number one. If he wanted to go thataway, more power to him – but I was headed for the house. He didn’t want to run alone, so he ended up coming with me.

    What a moron.

  2. Bob, I keep reading that last paragraph and it sounds like you killed 800,000 bikers! Just remember that a valid defense here in Texas is ‘he needed killin’!’

  3. Hey, I feel like that Owl some days too. You had lots of people in your neck of the woods..what a draw! Thanks for the input on the Sheep Wagon I appreciate it. I hit a nice jackpot with those old farming I will have to collect some more! 🙂

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