Overcast and cooler. Supposed to get up to 74 or so this afternoon. Nice day to ride. We got 60 hundreds of rain the other night and the lightning was popping and the thunder rolling. Sure was tickled to get the rain as we have lots of dried stuff to burn in this country. Rained hard for a bit and then I knew we was safe from fires right here.

Chance and I rode down south and doctored 4 of our calves with ears down Saturday evening but they all looked okay today. I’ll ride and check more cattle after dinner.

Rode with Dean up to Spearfish to a horse sale yesterday, where several friends and neighbors had horses for sale. Wasn’t a great sale for prices for the sellers, but sure not as bad as some I’ve heard either.

Took my pickup over to the vet today to get a new seal put in the rear end. Hey, better it than me!

Cindy and I took the boys with us and went to Punkin Center and got some Nuflor and the shots for calves for their fall shots, this morning also.

I had BLT’s for dinner with garden fresh tomatoes. I wonder what the poor folk are doing today?

Hows them colts, Mike? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cooler

  1. 106 last Wednesday, 76 on Saturday for the JR livestock auction (NICE) with a few sprinkles and back to the 100’s middle of this week.
    Looking forward to fall.

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