Cattle work

A neighbor, Dean came over this morning and helped me sort pairs from steers and move the steers down south. We also sorted some heifers and the 3 bulls from our cows and kicked them back in with the heifer bunch where the heifers belong and the bulls will get pulled out of them on Friday, when we ultra sound the heifers to check for pregnancy and when they will calve. It went well and I rode Pilgrim who is getting to be more cowy all the time. Of course I forgot the camera so no pictures, but I would have been too busy sorting or riding most of the time to get very good ones any way. I will try and remember it on Friday and get some good shots.

I need to get a colt to a guy who starts them for me, who traded riding for a saddle, but I need a seal put into the rear end of my pickup, so I guess it will have wait.

Cindy hit a damn deer on her way in to work this morning so she has to wash her car to get an estimate in order to get it fixed. Damn deer!

5 thoughts on “Cattle work

  1. That is not good, I hope Cindy wasn’t to shook up. I hit a deer once and it cost me 8 grand to fix the car. Needless to say it was a buck and it was 4:00 in the morning when I hit it on my way to work, thank god for airbags and sloping wind shield or the deer would of been in my lap!

  2. I had a doe head butt my car once. Put a nice crease down the whole drivers side. Glad I wasn’t going just a little slower, I’d have ran it over if I had been and that wouldn’t have been good.

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