Another day

Got the heifers all ultra sounded yesterday. Got hot but we had a wind and it helped with the heat tho’ it made the dust kind of a pain.

Went and helped Chance and Hope load their stuff in a trailer so Hope can move down where Chance has been. Tate came out to help also. Then this evening Chance and I went and doctored 4 of our calves with ears down. Used some Nuflor I got at Faith this morning. Bottle is basically empty so I need to get more. At 24 cc per calf a 100 cc bottle don’t last long. Wish I had thought to get a bigger bottle.

Fr Tyler is covering for our priest this weekend so he is coming to spend the night here, so we will have a house full.

5 thoughts on “Another day

  1. Always interresting JB, and I gotta show my ignorance just now by asking a question. “Ears down” call for serious treatment. How come they are down? Thanks.

    1. Best I can explain it is that when they get sick they get drainage in the ear and the muscles must not have as much strength or at least they are sick enough to not want to hold that ear up, erect like they normally would.

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