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This is a collar I started for another person, and it wasn’t coming out like I wanted it, so I set it aside and made him another one. I finished it today for myself but don’t know if I am too happy with it.

From Allen Nations blog

Methane Debate Is Not About Methane E-mail
Monday, 27 April 2009
Do ruminant animals actually increase atmospheric methane? Probably not and here’s why. All vegetation has a lifecycle. It grows and it dies. When it is dead, soil bacteria and microorganisms break it down into its mineral parts to grow another crop and this process creates methane. This is the same process that is occurring in an animal’s rumen. The point here is that if you eliminated all ruminant animals this natural process would still continue. Currently, the world’s largest methane producers are wetlands and rice paddies. Why are wetlands seen as a good and are even protected by Federal Law when they are major methane producers? It is because this whole debate is not about methane at all but is being pushed by those with an anti-red meat agenda.

Linda, from over at  “Just Another Day On the Prairie”  wrote this and I thought it should be shared!

This old barn has seen a lot

Of horses, cows and men.

Its shelter has been sought

From now to way back when.



It’s seen its share of work teams,

They were used to farm the land.

Change has come or so it seems

It just doesn’t feel as grand.



Newborn calves, a milking cow,

Bum lambs, some gruesome goats.

Have eaten from her hay mow

And her grain bin where’s stored oats.



There is history in the tack room

Saddles, bits and gear,

Shoeing things and tools to groom

And for me there is a mirror.



There are stalls with hay mangers

Enough for several horses

For ours and even strangers

Out from natures forces.



This old barn is like a mother,

She nurtures life inside,

Inside under cover

A refuge too abide.

One of many common ranch barns

On the prairie in these parts.

She’s listened in on many yarns

And keeps her place here in our hearts

Check it out!

I love the one about Rosie! LOL

Got up to a beautiful day yesterday. Sunshine, birds singing, green grass growing. I just don’t get much better than that. I putted around doing chores and stuff. Decided to kick the cows south, across the road, as that grass has been growing good. Usually, I don’t kick anything south until there are not much chances of storms, but the weather had been so nice and there really isn’t that big of a bunch, so I rode Mijo around the fences and patched up a few and made a note of where I had to come back with major fence fixing supplies. Almost done and Chance showed up on Grumpy, a 5 year old colt. And neither one was too happy! I just don’t think them boys were in harmony with each other!

We headed back to the house, and shoved the cows across. Chance mentioned they needed to go to town for some stuff. So while I had him captive we went and hauled the lick barrels down south for the cows to find and then we headed over to drag a dead heifer out of the dam. She had went in back in November evidently and just now surfaced. I’m afraid the other one is in there also, that has been missing since then, but so far she hasn’t showed up.

We got her out and drug to a better spot for the carrion eaters. I came in the house and decided to look at the weather and shoot! They were predicting 6 inches of snow and fairly high winds coming in last night thru’ today. So we rode back and got the cows, all but one who had a new calf. The cows trotted right back and I went back about 5:30 and got the cow with the new calf.

Woke up to snow this morning and wet mud! I think the ol’ girls would have been okay down there as there are a few trees and such, but better safe than sorry.

It’s a wet soggy world out there this morning!

Just talked to one of the guys who I run yearling’s for, and life ain’t good for them or their neighbors. If you got any extra prayers, send some their way!

I went to Rapid today to see the tooth vet. Met up with Kass and the two gandson’s, Lige and Gabe. After our dentist appointment we went and ate and ran out and looked at kyaks. I’d like to have one, but I don’t want to pay what they want for one. Kass said she’d look for a used one for me.

Dentist told me I needed some teeth worked on. Imagine that!

Snowed a little off and on today, but melted, mostly as it hit. Didn’t seem to phase the cows and calves too much! If it ain’t a blizzard, they ain’t impressed! 🙂


He nailed it!

Once bad guys know where to find the nodes of our way of life, then that way becomes very fragile.

In the past, the cops, a small percentage of the citizens, were enough to keep the few bad guys in line or in prison, because most of the rest of the citizens were, by upbringing, moral creatures who valued honesty, courtesy, their families, their culture and their country. Part of that upbringing taught youth to respect the law, the rights of others and policemen. Neighbors and teachers pounced on budding juvenile delinquents, carrying them home to parents who appreciated information about their kids’ misbehavior and dealt with the offensive child immediately.

Forty years of the Great Society (spit) have smashed that way of living, creating a mass of me first’ers and feral non-producers that even the most diligent police force/criminal justice system can’t deal with without the full support of the community, and the Left has seen to it that more and more of the citizenry cede responsibility for every facet of their lives to some government organization rather than be fully involved in the community.

The fact is that an open, free society becomes vulnerable when its citizens no longer take full responsibility for their own lives and community, when they are no longer their brothers’ keepers in the family, the upbringers of their children nor the caretakers of their aging parents. They become consumers rather than contributors to the community and treat the wonders created by the free society as so much low hanging fruit to be grabbed before the other guy gets it.

Without a fully responsible and moral citizenry, there aren’t enough cops or manhole locks to stop this sort of thing, unless we want to live in a nightmarish police state where every person’s moves are monitored and restricted, where every action must be approved by a bureaucrat, where an agency decrees what happens to every citizen in every facet of his or her life.

In an America of another day, a posse of citizens would hunt down criminals and justice was sure and swift; now we just go on plucking the low hanging fruit, expecting others to take care of the problem. When the gauzy web of our civilization is rent, and the low hanging fruit is gone, things are going to get ugly very quickly, because a couple generations of the population has been living off the low hanging fruit, and hasn’t a clue how to live without a cell phone, air conditioning, entitlements from ‘free’ health care to a new car at age sixteen, welfare checks and all that food that grows in Kroger’s.

Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Got up to 71 or so yesterday. Cindy and I hooked the team up and went up west and did some fencing. Until we came to the creek. Then we turned around and came home. Seems Cindy didn’t care for the idea of a water crossing!

She had some job training to do, so went in to town in the late afternoon. Only they couldn’t do it, so it was somewhat of a wasted trip. Other than I got a few things I needed and we ran into a cousin and his wife we don’t see all that often. Had a good visit.

But she was still a little cranky about driving in to town when she didn’t need too!

I sure feel sorry for who ever screwed up and will suffer her wrath. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a wonderful woman, but as Red Skelton once said about his wife, “Where she spits, grass don’t grow!” 😉

Chance brought the boys up for Gramma to baby set and helped me get the cows in. We sprayed them all with ivomec wormer. Some are kind of scratchy looking. We also cut the roping cattle that were still bulls. Should be advertising them for sale I guess. Or haul them to a sale. Sure is a nice day out there! Unless your a bull I just cut!