Windy, but nice

Got up to 71 or so yesterday. Cindy and I hooked the team up and went up west and did some fencing. Until we came to the creek. Then we turned around and came home. Seems Cindy didn’t care for the idea of a water crossing!

She had some job training to do, so went in to town in the late afternoon. Only they couldn’t do it, so it was somewhat of a wasted trip. Other than I got a few things I needed and we ran into a cousin and his wife we don’t see all that often. Had a good visit.

But she was still a little cranky about driving in to town when she didn’t need too!

I sure feel sorry for who ever screwed up and will suffer her wrath. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a wonderful woman, but as Red Skelton once said about his wife, “Where she spits, grass don’t grow!” 😉

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