Oh man!

He nailed it!

Once bad guys know where to find the nodes of our way of life, then that way becomes very fragile.

In the past, the cops, a small percentage of the citizens, were enough to keep the few bad guys in line or in prison, because most of the rest of the citizens were, by upbringing, moral creatures who valued honesty, courtesy, their families, their culture and their country. Part of that upbringing taught youth to respect the law, the rights of others and policemen. Neighbors and teachers pounced on budding juvenile delinquents, carrying them home to parents who appreciated information about their kids’ misbehavior and dealt with the offensive child immediately.

Forty years of the Great Society (spit) have smashed that way of living, creating a mass of me first’ers and feral non-producers that even the most diligent police force/criminal justice system can’t deal with without the full support of the community, and the Left has seen to it that more and more of the citizenry cede responsibility for every facet of their lives to some government organization rather than be fully involved in the community.

The fact is that an open, free society becomes vulnerable when its citizens no longer take full responsibility for their own lives and community, when they are no longer their brothers’ keepers in the family, the upbringers of their children nor the caretakers of their aging parents. They become consumers rather than contributors to the community and treat the wonders created by the free society as so much low hanging fruit to be grabbed before the other guy gets it.

Without a fully responsible and moral citizenry, there aren’t enough cops or manhole locks to stop this sort of thing, unless we want to live in a nightmarish police state where every person’s moves are monitored and restricted, where every action must be approved by a bureaucrat, where an agency decrees what happens to every citizen in every facet of his or her life.

In an America of another day, a posse of citizens would hunt down criminals and justice was sure and swift; now we just go on plucking the low hanging fruit, expecting others to take care of the problem. When the gauzy web of our civilization is rent, and the low hanging fruit is gone, things are going to get ugly very quickly, because a couple generations of the population has been living off the low hanging fruit, and hasn’t a clue how to live without a cell phone, air conditioning, entitlements from ‘free’ health care to a new car at age sixteen, welfare checks and all that food that grows in Kroger’s.

Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

3 thoughts on “Oh man!

  1. He did nail it.
    We have seen a wave of tragic and horrific teen suicides locally, including TWO good friends of our kids. We are sick about it, the poor families, the poor lost children and the poor kids who are left behind wondering what hit them….. I was telling our kids that I believe part of the blame goes to not teaching people of any age how to deal with adversity for themselves. So many kids have never been responsible for anything harder than getting to soccer practice. With parents losing jobs, adults taking that route out and taking their whole family with them how can teens be expected to manage? Everyone faces trial and strife in life. Coping skills are essential, but not taught.
    And I loved the phrase, “feral non-producers”…perfect!

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