Got up to a beautiful day yesterday. Sunshine, birds singing, green grass growing. I just don’t get much better than that. I putted around doing chores and stuff. Decided to kick the cows south, across the road, as that grass has been growing good. Usually, I don’t kick anything south until there are not much chances of storms, but the weather had been so nice and there really isn’t that big of a bunch, so I rode Mijo around the fences and patched up a few and made a note of where I had to come back with major fence fixing supplies. Almost done and Chance showed up on Grumpy, a 5 year old colt. And neither one was too happy! I just don’t think them boys were in harmony with each other!

We headed back to the house, and shoved the cows across. Chance mentioned they needed to go to town for some stuff. So while I had him captive we went and hauled the lick barrels down south for the cows to find and then we headed over to drag a dead heifer out of the dam. She had went in back in November evidently and just now surfaced. I’m afraid the other one is in there also, that has been missing since then, but so far she hasn’t showed up.

We got her out and drug to a better spot for the carrion eaters. I came in the house and decided to look at the weather and shoot! They were predicting 6 inches of snow and fairly high winds coming in last night thru’ today. So we rode back and got the cows, all but one who had a new calf. The cows trotted right back and I went back about 5:30 and got the cow with the new calf.

Woke up to snow this morning and wet mud! I think the ol’ girls would have been okay down there as there are a few trees and such, but better safe than sorry.

It’s a wet soggy world out there this morning!

Just talked to one of the guys who I run yearling’s for, and life ain’t good for them or their neighbors. If you got any extra prayers, send some their way!

3 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Ahh, it wasn’t that bad, Collies!

    Yeah Linda, wish we could send some of this up. Now neighbors are worrying about grass tetny!

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