Good stuff

Linda, from over at  “Just Another Day On the Prairie”  wrote this and I thought it should be shared!

This old barn has seen a lot

Of horses, cows and men.

Its shelter has been sought

From now to way back when.



It’s seen its share of work teams,

They were used to farm the land.

Change has come or so it seems

It just doesn’t feel as grand.



Newborn calves, a milking cow,

Bum lambs, some gruesome goats.

Have eaten from her hay mow

And her grain bin where’s stored oats.



There is history in the tack room

Saddles, bits and gear,

Shoeing things and tools to groom

And for me there is a mirror.



There are stalls with hay mangers

Enough for several horses

For ours and even strangers

Out from natures forces.



This old barn is like a mother,

She nurtures life inside,

Inside under cover

A refuge too abide.

One of many common ranch barns

On the prairie in these parts.

She’s listened in on many yarns

And keeps her place here in our hearts

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