A bunch of baby butts! Just colt’s butt’s actually. LOL I hauled one of these to the neighbor girl, yesterday. Then today, Brad, the young man who has been working in California, came over and worked with the other two. Went real well. I re-learned some stuff and made me realize I was on theContinue reading

And the winner is…….. (drumroll) Jim! Man! What a good lookin’, cute littler rascal! And the kid ain’t too bad either! Jim will have to respond and tell us all more about the picture under comments. And he’s kind of already won the grand prize, seeing as how he spent a day here not tooContinue reading

Here’s Peahes baby. I weaned the colts the other day. They are feeling sorry for themselves cuz they can’t get to mom to suck that wonderful milk they’ve been getting all their lives, up to now. They are getting all the feed they need, but it just isn’t the same. Poor babies! This filly looksContinue reading

This was the coolest thing we saw at the zoo. Afterwards, we went to a friends who lives northwest of the cities a bit. Another couple and their twin daughters came and we had a great time visiting and Jodie made us some real good food to eat. Thank Jim and Jode! Sunday we gotContinue reading

Okay, now where were we? Oh yeah, here. Tyler took us to see the Cathedral in St Paul. Magnificent! I was in awe. And then we learned there is a stone in there from Joan of Arc’s tomb, or some such. I am always amazed at how gifted some people are who can build somethingContinue reading

This was the prettiest thing I saw for about 5 days. Home! Cindy and I took off Thursday morning and headed east to the Twin Cites to visit Tyler and some friends. We got in after dark and it had rained on us all day. The roads were wet and shiny and I could hardlyContinue reading

Me and the little woman are going to run over and visit Tyler this week/weekend. So those of you in that direction, beware! The rest of you, I will update when I get the chance! We are leaving Thursday morning and probably won’t be back until Sunday or Monday evening. The chores will be done,Continue reading