Okay Sparky, here’s the deal, to quote Robin Williams as Jack Nickolson. Send me a photo, and only one please, by email, if you want to enter the contest . The contest is to celebrate my blog being one year old, as of Sept 24, 2007. I have two photo’s so far. Any photyo thatContinue reading

Shipped the rest of the yearlings out today. It went well. Not that many bovines running around here now, tho’ a neighbor brought about 150 to use up the grass down south. Wish he’d a brought 250 as there is lots of grass left! My colt man brought Grump home today as his foot thatContinue reading

Here’s a little bigger cowboy on ol’ Liberty! Took Kid to town today and got his health and inspection papers all fixed up. While we was in town, we looked at wood burning stoves. With the money I’ve spent on propane the past few years, I think I could have built a pretty nice house!Continue reading

Here’s a “cowboy” on a pretty “springy” horse! We got all the yearling steers shipped but one, that was overlooked. Found him this afternoon. I’ll have to haul him to the sale on Monday. We are going to ship our calves Friday and the yearling heifers on Saturday. So this place is going to beContinue reading

Here’s ol’ Kid. He’s probably going to be heading to Illinois in a few days. We helped a neighbor gather a pretty big pasture on the gumbo today. I’ll help again tomorrow to get them shipped to the sale and then run up and watch the yearling’s of my yearling guy’s sell. I sent oneContinue reading

Here’s Jake. I brought him home from my colt man’s house this afternoon. He’s had a few days of riding and will be better for it. I took another horse and left him in Jakes place. This is Grump, not being very grumpy. He made the trip down to my colt man today. He’s inContinue reading

No, this isn’t what it looks like here right now, but I’m thinking, pretty soon…… Any of you who haven’t checked out the Viable Third blog, that is listed to the left of this page as a link, need to check it out. Jim has really out done himself I think. Great stuff! Had aContinue reading

Here’s a picture of Gabe on a pony at Storybook Island, last year. He’s made of iron. the pony, not Gabe! I ain’t sure if the contacts are going to work. I didn’t wear them while at Hot Springs. Too much reading. He gave me contacts with bifocals in them. A weak one for myContinue reading