And the winner is……..



Man! What a good lookin’, cute littler rascal! And the kid ain’t too bad either!

Jim will have to respond and tell us all more about the picture under comments.

And he’s kind of already won the grand prize, seeing as how he spent a day here not too long ago. Tho’ I suppose I could let him come back and spend a day with Jinglebob, if I have too!

Congrats Jim.

This picture was chosen by a panel of independent judges who were highly paid. They agonized for days over all the entries. Tough, tough job. Good thing they were so highly paid! 🙂

And thank you all for your entries. They were all great and you just never know, they may show up on here yet, in the future.;)

3 thoughts on “

  1. OH, WOW — there are so many people to thank …

    I took Brendan and (our) Gabe out to see “Cowboy Bob” some years ago. For some reason, they like him quite a bit. Must be the moustache or the magic pulling finger

    Anyway, he took them each for a horseback ride, and convinced Bren to stand up behind him on the horse. Too bad you can’t see the horse, but the winks tell a better story, anyway.

    Thanks, Jinglebob!

  2. By the way — we spent time out there, sure, but that ain’t getting you out of paying again, mister! You just watch yourself — I ain’t got no weak nerve nor fear!

  3. Oh yeah! He just happens to pick a picture with him in it. Fix! I’m calling my lawyer! Oh, wait a minute. I didn’t enter. Never mind.

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