This was the prettiest thing I saw for about 5 days. Home!

Cindy and I took off Thursday morning and headed east to the Twin Cites to visit Tyler and some friends. We got in after dark and it had rained on us all day. The roads were wet and shiny and I could hardly see the road with all the headlights shining at me from oncoming traffic. Boy, was I glad to pull in to St Thomas seminary! We went out with Tyler as our driver and went to a Perkins for crappy food. The next morning he took us to a little place he liked and I wasn’t impressed with my eggs on a cold plate. Of course they didn’t cook them in lard, so there really was no hope!

After breaffast we drove along the Mississippi and saw this.

Then we drove back to the seminary and went to a Mass in spanish. That was cool. We went and ate at the Muddy Pig, kind of a little dark place where they served lots of micro-brews. The food and the beer were really really good.
to be continued…..

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  1. Yeah, JB called me from this joint on my cell because he thought of me since it served lots of beers! I was working two fillies I’m breaking, at the time so as soon as I saw a missed call I returned it. He was trying to drive in heavy traffic and cut me short. If he thinks St. Paul is crowded, he needs to let Ilrancher and me show him and the Mrs. around Chicago!

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