Okay, now where were we? Oh yeah, here.

Tyler took us to see the Cathedral in St Paul. Magnificent!

I was in awe.

And then we learned there is a stone in there from Joan of Arc’s tomb, or some such. I am always amazed at how gifted some people are who can build something like this.

Then we went to downtown Minn. and drove in all the traffic and people and had to block at least three blocks away from the hard Rock Cafe so Cindy could get a couple of glasses. She collects them.

Again, the people around there must not see a lot of people in boots and a hat!

We walked about 4 blocks one way and then back to the car. then we drove back across the river and went to Bucca’s which is an Italian restaurant. We waited for 2 hours to be seated. The food was good, but not that good!

On Saturday we got up and went to apple Valley to the Zoo.

to be continued

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  1. That is wonderful. I think Joan of Arc is one of the most fascinating people in history. Very cool.

    My brother graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD. It has a lot of these wonderful relics from history, especially the Navy, of course, but lots of stuff at the gorgeous church on the academy grounds. It does a body and mind good to visit these places. And I think it’s great that one of your sons is studying to be a priest while the other served in Iraq. What great gestures of service and commitment to others. You and Cindy done good!

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